Krauthammer: "The Problem Is Not That Obama's Not Selling His Strategy, It's That He Doesn't Have A Strategy"


SHANNON BREAM: Charles, the president reaching out after having drawn that red line a year ago saying, 'I'm going to bring Congress into this process,' now he has to get their votes. Does he have a newfound appreciation for the constitution, Article, 1 Section 8, how it all works? Why now do you feel he feels it's necessary to get Congress on board?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: His respect for the separation of powers and for the role of Congress is rather minimal as he showed with suspension and provisions of health care, the creation of the DREAM Act and one executive fiat by suspending half of the immigration laws. Look, this isn't a sudden stroke of constitutionalism, this is simply expediency and delay. The problem is not that he's not selling his strategy, it's that he doesn't have a strategy, and that's the reason everybody, left, right and center has no idea what he's doing.

He has zigzagged left and right. He telegraphs he's going to strike, he does nothing, he calls on Congress and then goes off and plays golf when his secretary of state had given a speech the day before with remarkable urgency and passion. I think the real event that happened today is that he has McCain and Graham on his right who actually are demanding a strategy. The strategy is you use the strike to try to tilt the balance on the ground. You hit real targets. You hit them hard and then at the same time you build up the opposition.

Remember, when we had the first reports of the chemical weapons attacks about three or four months ago, six months ago? The president said, 'well, now our calculus has changed, I'm sending them weapons.' Well, not ot a single rifle has reached the opposition. So what I think McCain is saying, McCain is saying it's the wrong -- Obama only wants to do a pinprick. It's not what I would do. It is the wrong strategy, but we cannot undercut him at this stage in the process, otherwise the U.S. is completely humiliated and events will be out of control, so he will support. And they think they won support from Obama for a real strike and real support for the opposition. If so, then we finally have a strategy. I'm not sure how hard and fast that promise is.

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