Dem Rep. Engel On Syria: Obama "Well Within His Right" To "Act On His Own"


REP. ELIOT ENGEL (D-NY): The Republicans, for past several months, have been criticizing the president for doing nothing and now that he is attempting to do something, they are criticizing him for doing something. So I think he’s sort of damned if he does and damned if he doesn't as far as the Republicans are concerned. Look. We have ample precedence of presidents taking action before consulting with Congress or getting Congress's approval. We talk President Reagan do it and the first President Bush do it and Bill Clinton doing it in Kosovo and Libya with President Obama. There is precedent for it. The way I read the War Powers Act the president can move and needs to consult carefully and closely with Congress and Congress has to vote within 60 days. I don't think what the president is talking about will last anywhere near 60 days and I think the president is well within his right, after informing Congress and have robust discussions with Congress under the War Powers Act to act on his own.

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