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Sen. Kaine: No War In Syria Without Full Political, Public Support

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said that the president was “constitutionally required” to get congressional approval before an attack on Syria on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning. 

“We shouldn’t ask people to fight a war unless they know that they’ve got the full weight of our political leadership behind them, and the American public supports the mission,” Senator Kaine said. “And that presidential consultation with Congress over the next few days, I think, could be very critical in reaching a consensus that will then support whatever action needs to be taken.”

Later, Kaine dodged a question about whether such action would benefit factions of Syrian rebels aligned with al Qaeda, saying that he only supports a “limited action” designed to “deter the use of chemical weapons.”

CUOMO: You believe that you and other members of Congressional leadership are aware that you may be giving advantage to al Qaeda elements if you go in and damage the regime?

KAINE: You know, Chris… what I’ve said, and I’ll say it again. What we need to do is take a limited action designed to deter the use of chemical weapons, either by the Assad regime or by the opponents, and to degrade the ability of those weapons to be used by any party.

Via CNN's New Day.

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