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Ron Paul: Chemical Weapons In Syria A "False Flag"

NEIL CAVUTO: I guess what I want to advance here is this, that if a dictator using chemical weapons on his own people, is it a litmus test for us to help those people? For Ron Paul, what is?

FMR. REP. RON PAUL: Well, I think getting to the truth of it, and that's what we're not getting to because when Saddam Hussein used the gases, some of the products were bought from us and he was still our ally. You can't ignore that. I think it's a false flag, I think really, indeed, and nobody knows if indeed he was slaughtering people by the thousands with poisoned gas, you know, that's another story, but that's not the case. As a matter of fact, a hundred thousand deaths is the case. The implication is that Assad committed a hundred thousand killings. There are a lot of factions out there, why don't we ask, you know, about the al Qaeda? Why on the side of al Qaeda right now? So I think they want the weapons, rebels want the weapons, there's a bunch of people in there, al Qaeda's part of it, and this is the task for us to drop a couple bombs, send in weapons. I think it's the most foolish foreign policy --

CAVUTO: So we're being sucked in, you argue we're being sucked in and it's dangerous?

PAUL: Big time and it's big risk. This can escalate and Russia could get in -- what if there's an accident and a hundred Russians get killed by our bombs? Some type of unintended consequences -- wars always expand because of unintended consequences. They always provide short term wars. Just think of all the promises on Iraq, short term, not much money, we'll get their oil. Don't believe it. We should look at what is best for America and not try to pick sides in an impossible war like this. [They] won't be on the side of the American people, and the American people right now, by a very large majority, are opposed to this war. The constitution can't support this war and morally, we can't support this war getting involved in a civil war and strife that has been going on in that region for thousands of years.

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