Krauthammer: Tragedy Of Civil Rights Movement Is It Left People Living In That Age


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the real tragedy is that the prestige and the glory and the courage of the original civil rights movement, and many of the martyrs including Dr. King, has left people living in that age, and imagining that that's where the struggle ought to be today.

In those days, the struggle was terrible laws, a legal system of segregation and discrimination. That was abolished in that generation. That fight is over. The idea that it's now the voter I.D. law -- I heard one speaker say in the past the problem was the men in sheets who did all of this, wearing hoods on their heads, and now it's people in black robes who strike down the Voting Rights Act. If you're going to equate the Supreme Court with the Klan, you're really living 50 years ago.

Today the challenge is the social issues; it is not changing laws. It's not stand your ground; it is the breakup of the family, and it is the terrible education that young people in the ghettos are subjected to which ruins their lives from the beginning, and in which Democrats, particularly the teachers unions are complicit, and they simply will not face that fact.

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