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Cruz: Obamacare, Syria "Tied Together By An Arrogance Of This Administration"

SEN. TED CRUZ: This has been an imperial presidency. It has been a lawless presidency. You look at what's going on in Syria. Right now, in the UK, they're having an emergency session of parliament to consider Syria. In Israel the Knesset is considering an emergency session and yet President Obama apparently wants to go to the UN but can't be bothered to go to United States Congress or the American people and make the case.

Look, you know, the authority to declare war rests in Congress, not in an out-of-control president. And, you know, I thought it was striking, actually, a comment Dennis Kucinich made of all people that I agreed with. He said, "I wonder if President Obama realizes that he is acting as Al-Qaeda's air force right now." You know, the idea that we would be arming rebels, many of which are affiliated with Al-Qaeda -- of the nine rebel groups, up to seven of them may have affiliations with Al-Qaeda -- doesn't make any sense.


CRUZ: If President Obama is not looking to US national security instead --

RUSH: From their standpoint, arming Al-Qaeda is a ... lesser danger than agreeing with the Republicans on anything.

CRUZ: And fundamentally, actually, these two issues, you look at Syria, you look at Obamacare. They're tied together. They're tied together by an arrogance of this administration, that they don't believe they're accountable to the American people, and they are going to jam their agenda down the throats of the American people. And on both of them, the answer is the same as it was on guns; it's the same as it is on stopping amnesty, which is the American people have to rise up and hold every elected official accountable, Democrat and Republican. Every one of us, including me.

RUSH: Well, you're right, but the American people ought to have a political party that's willing to stand up and join them in stopping this, too, and right now they don't think they do. They've got you, they got Mike Lee, a couple or three others. Everybody else they see is caving.

CRUZ: Well, I agree. Sadly, right now, the people who are leading the fight to stop the effort to defund Obamacare are Republicans. It's not Democrats. That's a sad state of affairs. I hope it changes. I hope the Republicans stop trying to prevent us from defunding Obamacare and instead we come together -- and the only way they will is if millions of Americans go to, speak up and demand that our elected officials listen to the people.

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