Buchanan: "Whites Are The Only Group You Can Discriminate Against Legally In America"


JOHN MCLAUGHLIN: Do you think college admissions should be based on diversity?

ELEANOR CLIFT: Yeah, I think lots of factors go into diversity, and I think race can be one of them, and the Supreme Court so far agrees with that.

MCLAUGHLIN: 67% oppose it, 28% [support it] -- you're in the minority. Only 28% favor it.

PAT BUCHANAN: It should be based on excellence. John, just like the NFL, whoever is the best player plays, and whoever does the best academically should be advanced. What is wrong with that?

MICHELLE BERNARD: This is a question that I have. One of the things I always say is I think you can measure diversity in a lot of ways, but I think there's an argument to be said that the greatest affirmative action program that there is in the country is being born white. There is a natural assumption when you're applying to institutions of higher education, that you are excellent or that you are more superb or more brilliant than others.

BUCHANAN: With due respect, whites are the only group you can discriminate against legally in America now.

MCLAUGHLIN: Pat, wait until you hear this piercing question. You ready?

BUCHANAN: I'm ready.

MCLAUGHLIN: Exit question. Are attitudes lagging behind the social reality when it comes to the transformation of American society since Reverend King's speech?

BUCHANAN: Things are far, far better in terms of everybody's economic uplift, all boats have risen. What Michelle said is correct, there's a real recognition and a growing intensity and contentiousness, I think, the feelings between the races in the last 5 years.

CLIFT: And you're right to the extent, but those feelings of intensity are really a very small group of people who feel they somehow have lost, that the advance of minorities in this country has somehow caused them to lose something. Most people do not feel that way.

MCLAUGHLIN: More progress has been made than people realize, yes or no?

CLIFT: I don't know… yes, sure, why not?

MORT ZUCKERMAN: Yes, absolutely.

BERNARD: The president of the United States of America is a black man, so the answer is absolutely yes.

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