August 22, 2013 Archives

August 22, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer: Killing of Chris Lane "Ought to Be Addressed"

During his appearance on Wednesday’s Special Report, Krauthammer termed the killing an "absolute evil."

President Obama Proposes New College Ratings System

The president spoke at the University of Buffalo on the first stop of a two-day bus tour.

Obama Flubs Buffalo Mayor's Name

President Obama mistakenly called the mayor of Buffalo Brian Higgins on Thursday. Higgins is the congressman representing New York's 29th District. Byron Brown is the mayor. "This is what happens when you get to be 52 years old," the president joked after the crowd corrected him.

Michelle Malkin: We Need "Gang Control," Not Gun Control

MICHELLE MALKIN: The dishonesty of the gun grabbers is naked here. It's as naked as a newborn baby. He's talking about gun control and gun confiscation laws, national registries and background checks that would do absolutely nothing to control evil thugs who will do whatever they need to do to kill and wreak havoc on people. These boys were intent

Dan Rather: NSA "Is Demolishing The Trust In The Government"

Dan Rather speaks with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow about the role of the NSA in a free society. DAN RATHER: As reporters we get paid not to be cynical, but to be skeptical and I am at least somewhat skeptical that this was all just ineptitude, the keystone cops, as you say. And I think the public at-large, certainly a large percentage o

Scott Brown Announces He Won't Run For Massachusetts Governor

"I've decided, with my wife's blessing, that I will not be running for governor of Massachusetts in 2014," former Sen. Scott Brown said Wednesday on "NightSide With Dan Rea."

Expert: UN Weapons Inspectors Must Assess "Scenes of Horror" In Syria

Charles Blair, chemical weapons expert and senior fellow at the American Federation of Scientists, talks with Rachel Maddow about what evidence UN weapons inspectors will be looking for to confirm a chemical weapons attack in Syria and how much pressure there is for inspections to be conducted quickly.

MLK III: We Must Put America Back To Work: "In 1963 The Mantle Was Jobs And Freedom"

Martin Luther King Jr.’s eldest son speaks with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing about how far America has come since 1963, and what still needs to be done as the 50th Anniversary of his father’s March on Washington approaches. MARTIN LUTHER KING III: My view is, we have got to find a way to put America back to work. In 1963, the mantle w

Fox & Friends Calls On Obama, Sharpton To Speak Out On Chris Lane

Given that the president spoke out on the Trayvon Martin shooting, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade called on him to address the murder of Christopher Lane. "Many people say the president shouldn’t have talked about one case because if he speaks on one case, now it opens the door that he has to speak on all the other cases," said Ainsley Earhard

Former Australian Deputy PM: "Think Twice" Before Visiting USA

Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, who championed Australia's 1996 gun control reforms, said that Australians should "think twice" before visiting the United States, where "murder and mayhem" reign. FISCHER: Just for the record, Australia has had zero gun massacres since 1996, and in the United States, 80 people are

Chris Hayes: Bradley Manning Will Serve More Time Than War Criminals

Chris Hayes notes that the 35-year sentence given to PFC Bradley Manning is 11 years longer than the sentence given to Army Specialist Jeremy Morlock, who pled guilty in 2011 to the murder of three Afghan civilians "for sport."

Full Video: Wednesday's NYC Democratic Mayoral Debate

The crowded field of Democratic New York City mayoral candidates met in their second major televised debate at Town Hall Wednesday. The Democratic candidates for Mayor are Anthony Weiner, Sal Albanese, John Liu, Christine Quinn, William Thompson Jr., Erick Salgado and Bill de Blasio.

O'Reilly: Chris Lane's Murder Another Brutal Embarassment

O'REILLY: A violent subculture is now in place fueled by derelict parents, a barbaric media and apathy on the part of many politicians. The incredible violence taking place in some Chicago neighborhoods as well as mindless murderers all over the country prove this point. And until we acknowledge -- acknowledge the source of the chaos, we will not

Chris Matthews: Some Fed-Up Republicans Are Quitting The Party

Former GOP chair from Polk County, Iowa, Chad Brown, and The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank talk to Chris Matthews about some within the GOP who are quitting the party.

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