Axelrod On Obamacare: "There Should Be Changes Along The Way"


DAVID AXELROD: Any time you implement something like this, it's new and there's no doubt that it's complicated, there will be changes along the way, there should be changes along the way. If you look at the polling, you know, everybody focuses on people's opposition to the program. But a majority of people say let's move forward and fix it along the way and that's exactly what the president -- what the president will do.

You know, I think that they just have to press forward on this. I think, Leigh, the most difficult thing is going to be in states where governors and legislatures are opposed to the program and are doing everything they can to disrupt it and there are going to be more problems there in states like California, New York, Washington, Colorado, I believe it's going to move much more smoothly.

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