Kathleen Parker: Hillary Clinton Can "Save The World"


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Kathleen, you're writing about the concept of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next candidate for President of the United States. And given all of this here is what you say [emphasis added]: "Op-ed columns are filled with advice about what Hillary needs to do. She needs a narrative. A message. It can’t be that she’s a Clinton or a woman. It has to be . . . What? Here’s a thought: She can save the world. Yes, all right, perhaps that’s a trifle hyperbolic, but hear me out. And keep in mind that this works only as a long game. We may not live to see salvation but one has to start somewhere. Thus far invasions, bunker-busting mega-bombs and killer drones seem not to be having the desired effect."

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: So, in the what-Hillary-Clinton-should-do category, Kathleen, take it a step further because everyone's talking about it and there seems to be obviously with Madam President and all these different organizations popping up that have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, that they're getting ready.

KATHLEEN PARKER: Absolutely. And I suspect Hillary Clinton is also getting ready. You know, Mika, I know that you will relate to this and probably agree with me on this: if the world is ever going to be saved, women are going to do it.

BRZEZINSKI: That's right.

PARKER: I think we've got the evidence that men being in charge now for a good long while haven't been able to achieve the desired end. Study after study shows that where women are most opressed, those nations tend to be the least stable and where women are more empowered, the nations become stronger, healthier and saner. So it seems as al Qaeda is back on the rise and women are becoming a global economic force that there's no one better suited to sort of lead that movement symbolically and as leader of the free world than Hillary Clinton. That's not an endorsement but let's just look at it objectively. (via Newsbusters)

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