Mark Levin: I Will Do Everything I Can To Make Sure Christie Is Not The Nominee


NEIL CAVUTO: You raised some cackles when you If you had a choice between Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton you don't know who would you would vote for. And that brings me, alright, Levin is turning away from the party.

MARK LEVIN, THE LIBERTY AMENDMENTS AUTHOR: I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. I told you before with Barack Obama, I would vote for an orange juice can over Barack Obama. So I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. She is Barack Obama in a dress as far as I'm concerned. As for Chris Christie, I will do everything I can, in my little way, to make sure he is not the nominee.

CAVUTO: Why don't you like him?

LEVIN: It's not a matter of like, he is a Gerald Ford Republican. Despite all the huffing and puffing, your home state of New Jersey is still a financial disaster. Is he better than the Democrats that preceded him? Yes. What isn't and who isn't? I'm all for that. But he didn't sign on to challenge Obamacare. Why not? That was a free -- he didn't have to pay a cent to do that. In my view, he is weak on immigration reform, he's an amnesty guy. He's a greeny when it comes to the EPA. He just signed 10 out of 15 gun control laws.

CAVUTO: Well, he cut a millionaires tax and he submits smaller budgets each year.

LEVIN: I bet he's done ten great things, but he hasn't done enough. The point is, if we keep nominating Republicans, moderates from the Northeast, we're going to keep getting our lunch handed to us.

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