Krauthammer: Networks Live In Such A Bubble That They Don't Understand How A Hillary Mini-Series Could Be Biased


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What's revealing here is that everyone knows that the media is biased, it's documented a hundred different ways. But this tells you that some of them are so biased, at the networks, that they live in a bubble, where it doesn't even occur to them that there is something untoward about having, you know, a four days mini-series with a glamorous actress in the lead role leading up to a presidential election.

The other part of this, I think is interesting, is that Reince [Priebus] admitted that there is no way that these are going to be cancelled. I think he is right about that, because it will look like a backdown. However, it will have an effect. The people who make it, who might have been prepared to do pure hagiography, you know, life of a saint, are going to think twice about that and are going to at least going to want to make an effort at painting a picture that is, if anything, slightly more complexed. So I see this as incremental victory. (Special Report, August 8, 2013)

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