Krauthammer On Embassy Closings: "This Is The Fruits Of Benghazi"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, a perennial problem that a super power has, is you want to be loved and respected. Obama always had what I think is naive idea that he wants America to be loved. He made a tour of the Muslim world early on, we are going to respect you, a new relationship; an open hand to Iran; a reset with Russia.

This is the idea that America, somehow, if by being nice will be treated well. This is the fruits of being in Benghazi, having our ambassador attacked and nothing happening to the bad guys. It's a result of Russia, we warned about Snowden, there will be consequences. Russia holds him; there are none. Threatening Iran, saying you will be held accountable. And then on Syria, the president of Syria has to go and he will be held accountable if weapons of mass destruction are used. There is no sense anywhere in the world that if you kill an ambassador and attack an embassy, you go against America's interest, you ignore it and you stick a finger in its eye that anything will happen to you.

And I think that they have a sense now they -- I'm talking about al Qaeda and the terrorists -- they can spread and grow wherever they strike, they will be relatively unmolested and the fact Obama talks about ending the war as if he can declare it ended, rather than winning the war, is an intricate element of that. (Special Report, August 5, 2013)

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