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Palin: I Appreciate Howard Dean Acknowledging There Are Death Panels In Obamacare

PALIN: Well, you know, it wasn't just me saying there were death panels in Obamacare back in 2010, I mean anybody who could read could read into that, it's a faceless bureaucratic panel that will decide based on a human being's level of productivity, a subjective and political decision being made as to whether they deserve medical care or not. Yes, that little girl is a prime example of a bureaucrat being able to make that decision. It's a scary thing.

HANNITY: And now even Howard Dean is acknowledging this. Howard Dean? What did you make of the op-ed that he had out there?

PALIN: I haven't read his op-ed. I haven't wasted my time on it. I think I, and others, wasted too much time listening to the liberal pundits a few years ago when they said that was the biggest lie of the year, my claim that death panels were a part of Obamacare and the rationing of health care services. And now that has been proven to be true. I guess I could say, ungraciously that I appreciate Howard Dean acknowledging it, finally. 

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