Krauthammer: Holder Will Stay, "The Space Under The Bus Has Been All Used Up"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If I could just respond I would say that is true of Obama's cronies, but when it comes to underlings, the space under the bus has been all used up. Gregory Hicks, for example, who was demoted -- the guy who courageously spoke out about what happened in Benghazi -- he was in Tripoli on that night. And he did stuff that the State Department didn't like, like speaking to Congressional delegates. He ended up under the bus and demoted.

I would say as per the Holder investigation, his defense of you lied in speaking with Congress, his defense is, 'Oh, I just lied to a judge in saying that Rosen was a perspective criminal suspect.' That's a hell of a defense if you are an Attorney General of the United States. He ought to be under the bus, but there is no chance, he is too much of a friend of the president. That's what saves you in this administration; probity doesn't.

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