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Carney: No Comment On Weiner, Filner Scandals

QUESTION: Given that the President, domestically and abroad, so often speaks about respect for women, creating a society where women can function at the highest levels, doesn’t the fact that there are high-level controversies involving objectification and in some cases harassment of women involving the Democratic Party -- doesn’t the President's silence say something in and of itself?

JAY CARNEY: Ari, no. The President is focused on what we can do for the middle class in this country, what we can do to help the economy grow, what we can do together through a grand bargain for the middle class to reform our business tax code in a way that’s beneficial for American businesses and in a way that allows us to invest in the economy so that it helps the middle class grow and be more secure.

I understand the allure of issues like this in the media, but it is not what -- and I do understand it, and I’m not being critical of it. But I’m saying that the President believes his job is not to comment on those issues, but to focus on what he can do to get this economy growing faster and creating more jobs. That is his fundamental preoccupation right now, and it will be for every of the 1,269 days I believe left in his presidency.

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