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Schieffer: The Anthony Weiner Story Is "Sickening"

SCHIEFFER: What can be said about the Anthony Weiner story that hasn't been said before? Actually, several things. One, it is not funny. It is sickening. Two, it is important. The mayor of New York is not only the most powerful municipal post in America, but because New York is so big and is the media capital of the world, the mayor of New York occupies a bully pulpit, second in bullyishness only to that of the White House. The rest of us may not like it, but what the mayor of New York says matters far beyond the New York City limits. Which is why someone with Anthony Weiner's problems has no business there and should leave the race. Anthony Weiner is not an entertaining kook, he is a new-age flasher who has traded the traditional raincoat that can be opened to show his wares for a digital camera that enables him to expose himself for the world, a dubious technological achievement. Why would anyone put themselves and their loved ones through something like this? I wouldn't pretend to know, but a friend of a friend said, in today's world there are those who value power above dignity. That's probably right. But even in politics, I want to believe they are still a minority.

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