Rove: Lee's Bill To Defund Obamacare Gives Obama "A Gigantic Stick With Which To Beat Us"


SEAN HANNITY: Let me ask you one question about this budget. Senator Mike Lee of Utah is saying that Republicans, as this battle moves forward, this is the last opportunity because all spending begins in the House, with Congress, they have the power of the purse. He's saying defund Obamacare, fund the rest of the government. I know they've voted 35 times to repeal it, but this is the one thing they can do constitutionally that would have some teeth. I think it's a good idea, what do you think?

KARL ROVE: You know what? I'm suspect about it because it gives the president the bully pulpit and a gigantic stick on which to beat us, because all he has to do is say, 'Look, this law was passed, it's on the books. I'm going to veto your continuing resolution that doesn't fund Obamacare, and it's on you for shutting down the government.'

HANNITY: But it would be on him.

ROVE: No it wouldn't. He would turn it around just like Bill Clinton turned it around on us. I would rather make him continue to be the guy who is trying to ask for more spending and keep the spending flat at 967 as his budget agreement that he signed set in motion.

HANNITY: I think this is our last chance to get rid of it. If we -- once this is law, I don't think we can get rid of it.

ROVE: Look, I think it will collapse in and of itself if we keep the pressure on. (Hannity, July 25, 2013)

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