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O'Reilly: Liberals Are Running From The Truth On Black Families

BILL O'REILLY: On Geraldo's radio program today I told him to let me know when President Obama holds a press conference about the disintegration of the African-American family. I also asked Geraldo when a seminar on the damage hip hop and rap is doing to unsupervised children will be held by Sharpton and Jackson. I'm looking forward to that.

Perhaps at that seminar more positive entertainment might be encouraged and maybe an exposure like that would encourage President Obama not to invite people like Jay-Z to the White House when he is putting out dubious material that children are absorbing.

And finally I told Geraldo that I feel sorry for black kids who don't have fathers and who were born into poverty because their mothers become impregnated at a young age without any resources. It is America's shame and all politicians are responsible somewhat that we have not discouraged the astronomical out-of-wedlock birth rate in this country.

As we stated early this week that drives poverty, that drives crime. And that's what's causing the massive chaos in many black American precincts.

Now, this week we asked a number of prominent African-American people to discuss the situation on "The Factor." Michelle Alexander, for example, wrote a piece in "Time" magazine all about the terrible injustices of the Zimmerman/Martin trial. Well, she was just too busy to speak with us.

Brother Cornel West, very outspoken in the civil rights area too busy to talk with us. Congresswoman Yvette Clark from Brooklyn who said quote "The lives of black men and women are not a quarter the same value as the lives of white Americans." Well she just couldn't make time for "The Factor."

Martin Luther King III simply wouldn't respond to us. Jesse Jackson appeared on a number of programs but couldn't make time for "The Factor." Finally, Congressman Charles Rangel, well, he didn't respond at all. And I thought that was pretty strange because on the night the Zimmerman verdict came in I spoke with Mr. Rangel personally and he assured me he wanted to come on the program, but then he ran.

So it's clear that people pushing racial injustice that they believed happened in the Zimmerman trial, they don't really want to talk about complicated racial problems in general. What the grievance industry does want is to divide the country along racial lines because that's good for business. And they may be succeeding.

A recent "Wall Street Journal" poll asked the folks about the state of race relations in the USA: 52 percent say they are very good or fairly good; 44 percent say fairly bad or very bad. But in January of 2010, the number was 72 percent saying very good or fairly good, just 23 percent saying very bad or fairly bad.

So you can see the state of race in America seems to be getting worse. That's because problems are not being fixed. And many black Americans continue to blame white Americans for the poverty and crime they are facing. "Talking Points" believes that the collapse of the African- American traditional family is the primary reason the gap between blacks and whites is so large. And as I said at the top of this memo, our leadership simply will not deal with that issue. And that is why we have this problem.

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