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Gov. Snyder: Government Bailout Is The Wrong Answer For Detroit

BOB SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you this: Mayor David Bing said this morning on ABC, I think, that no decision has yet been made on asking for a federal bailout. Do you think there is a federal bailout in Detroit's future?

GOV. RICK SNYDER (R-MICHIGAN): No, and I don't expect one. I've said before the state cannot bail out the city of Detroit. And part of the context I would say that to you in is it's not about just putting more money in a situation; it's about better services to citizens. Again, it's about accountable government. And so what we're doing at the state level -- and I would ask the federal government the same thing -- is let's use -- let's come up with targeted programs where we can see there's real value to citizens for improvement. I'll give you one tangible illustration we are partnering with the city government, the state, and the federal government on is about taking down blighted structures. We were able to obtain $100 million that, hopefully within the next 30 days, we'll start deploying those dollars toward taking some of those 78,000 abandoned structures down. They have been going on for years.

SCHIEFFER: But, you know, the federal government bailed out General Motors. It bailed out Chrysler. That worked out pretty well. Are you saying that that is just simply not on the table as far as you're concerned?

SNYDER: If the federal government wants to do that, that's their option. That's always their alternative. The way I view it is, I want to partner with all levels of government and stay focused on services to citizens.

SCHIEFFER: But you, as a state official, you would not ask the federal government to do that?

SNYDER: Again, I don't view that as the right answer. The right answer is bankruptcy is there to help deal with the debt question. The more important question is better services to the citizens, police, fire. Think about the poor child, the young girl walking to school in October, going by blighted structures, wondering is it safe. Those are -- that's the situation we have to focus on. And those can be very focused, targeted things that we can measure results and make sure we're doing a better job.

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