NBC's Chuck Todd: "Some Portions Of Cable News" Haven't Been "Mature" Discussing Race


CHUCK TODD: I think what you heard today is the same thing I’ve heard from plenty of African American friends and colleagues, who are sitting there and saying, 'you know what, here’s my personal experience and this should be added to the conversation.'

You know, sometimes these discussions get lost in personalities, get lost in partisan, polarized politics, especially right now, where some portions of cable news, you know, try to use an incident like this in the wrong ways and we sort of miss the larger cultural discussion, the larger discussion and I think that if there’s one thing the president can’t stand, it is the inability, he thinks, of this modern media, to have a mature discussion on race.

And I think that this was his case of -- I feel like an example of stories that you heard from the beginning. You know, one of his motivations -- he knew that if he successfully won the presidency, that it could be a very impactful thing, particularly to young African-American men, to sort of break that idea that a young African-American man could be anything they wanted to be in the United States. Not just sort of get to a certain point but anything that they wanted to be in the United States of America and that he would be that example.

Here's an example of him saying, you know what, he does have a responsibility as president of the United States, but also as first African-American president of the United States, to not sit silent because, you know what, it might cause swing voter political problems. You know, you've got to be able to have a mature discussion about this.

You and I have watched probably all week -- you know, not all parts of cable television, I’m not referring to our channel, I’m talking about all parts of the political discussion hasn’t been very mature on this topic. And I think this was a case of the president saying, 'hey, let me try to lift it up.'

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