Stephen Hayes: The Edifice Of Obamacare Is Starting To Collapse


STEPHEN HAYES: Well, that's just embarrassing that he can't say, yes this is going the way that he wants or at least acknowledge that it's not. The administration has already acknowledged that it's not going the way they want it to because they've decided to suspend the implementation of the employer mandate for a year. It shouldn't be that difficult a question. I think this is a very interesting vote.

I think we've reached sort of an interesting moment in the post-passage of the Affordable Care Act because until this point you've sort of seen cracks in the foundations, people who have been following this closely like Jim Angle and others have understood that we were about to see an unraveling, that we were about to see a crumbling. But what we've seen in recent weeks, whether it's Max Baucus calling it a "train wreck" or Tom Harkin suggesting delaying the employer mandate was not going to be lawful or this stunning letter from unions going after the president, saying that this will have disastrous effects not only on union members but millions of Americans, the NFL distancing itself from comments that Secretary Sebelius has made. All of that taken together, you're now seeing the public collapse of Obamacare.

So, we're seeing the edifice of Obamacare I think start to collapse. And that's something that the White House has to be tremendously concerned about. And what these votes in the House are doing today is putting Democrats in the House in a very difficult position to vote either in favor of suspending the employer mandate, which is what the White House has argued in favor of doing but instructed Democratic House members not to vote that way. (Special Report, July 17, 2013)

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