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Dr. Ben Carson On George Zimmerman Trial, Confrontation With Trayvon

"When I look at a case like this, I try to look at it from both points of view," Dr. Benjamin Carson said about the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin confrontation during an appearance on the Wednesday broadcast of FOX News' "Hannity." Carson then analyzed how events unfolded that led to the death of Trayvon Martin.

"In the inner-city, if you're walking down the street by yourself late at night and someone starts following you, you go into a fight or flight mentality," Carson said. Carson said George Zimmerman did the appropriate thing by calling the police.

"However, it ended up in an altercation, a very unfortunate situation, and George Zimmerman happened to have a gun and it ended up in a tragedy," Dr. Carson said. "I'm thinking there must be something we could learn from this situation in addition to not creating a big racial divide."

Dr. Carson said this could have been avoided if Zimmerman and other neighborhood watchmen had a taser.

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