July 18, 2013 Archives

Chuck Todd: Is The GOP Strategy To "Scare People" From Signing Up For Obamacare?
Charles Barkley On Zimmerman Trial: "I Agree With The Verdict"
Fireworks: Larry Elder vs. Piers Morgan On Rachel Jeantel, Zimmerman & Race
Hannity: Rep. Steve King vs. Rep. Bobby Rush On Zimmerman Verdict
Tense: Jake Tapper vs. Eliot Spitzer On Hookers, Current Race For NYC Comptroller
Krauthammer On Detroit: "You Can Have Bankruptcy For A City, But Not For A Country"
Mark Levin: If Zimmerman Is Harmed, I Blame Holder, Sharpton And Obama
Matthews To Black Guest On Race: "I'm Speaking Now For All White People... I'm Sorry"
Pelosi: "I Think The Country Is Ready For Hillary"
Stephen Hayes: The Edifice Of Obamacare Is Starting To Collapse
Obama: "Generally Speaking" Healthcare Costs Have "Slowed Drastically" Since Obamacare Passed
Obama On Obamacare: "There Are Going To Be Glitches"
CBS: W.H. Officials Privately Admit ObamaCare Implementation Will Be "Very Bumpy"
Kalb: Congress Has Not Stood Up To Presidents Waging War Without A Declaration
McConnell: Obamacare Tax On Insurance Premiums Dwarfs Refunds Obama Touts
Trayvon Martin's Father: If Trayvon Had Been White, This Would Have Never Happened
Dr. Ben Carson On George Zimmerman Trial, Confrontation With Trayvon
Chris Matthews: "Republicans View Voter Suppression As Their Ticket To Success"
GOP Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements
Black Alternate Juror For Zimmerman Trial: "I Supported The Verdict"
Al Sharpton Interviews Rachel Jeantel On MSNBC
O'Reilly: Are The Winds Shifting In The Zimmerman Verdict?
Special Report Online: Krauthammer vs. Kalb On Going To War Without A Declaration
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