July 17, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer: Unions Got "Swindled" By Obamacare, In State Of "Desperation And Disappointment"
Dennis Miller On The Zimmerman Verdict, Snowden And Obamacare
Bill Maher Booed On Letterman For Anti-Zimmerman Jokes
Limbaugh: Jeantel Admitted Trayvon Inflicted Some "Whoop Ass" On Zimmerman
Carney Gets In Argument With Intern About Zimmerman's Safety
Chris Matthews: Is Cheney Trying To "Create A Satellite Of His Political Career" With Daughter's Senate Run?
Enzi: "I'm Absolutely Not Too Old To Be Senator. I'm The Median Age"
Treasury IG On Obamacare Rollout: Lack Of Adequate Testing Could Result In Delays
Barrasso: "This Is The Wrong Race At The Wrong Time" For Liz Cheney
Scarborough: If You Don't Know Somebody Who Has Been Pulled Over, You Don't Have Black Friends
Margaret Carlson: Republicans Think Immigrants Are "People In Hoodies"
Rachel Jeantel: "Travyon Hit First"
Rep. Hoyer: Obamacare Repeal Votes "Are Purely Partisan Politics"
Jimmy Carter: Zimmerman Jury "Made The Right Decision"
Michael Steele: Where Were The Protests For The 500+ Blacks Killed In Chicago?
Jesse Jackson: Trayvon Martin Protests "Ought To Be Massive"
Radio Host Offers Rachel Jeantel Full Ride Scholarship To Any Black College
Shaka King: America's "Institutional Racism and White Supremacy"
"Special Report" Panel: What Have We Learned From Benghazi? What Don't We Know Yet?
Chris Hayes: Reid's Victory Shows Dems Are Learning From House GOP
Maddow: Carpetbagger Liz Cheney Roils Wyoming Politics
O'Reilly: Past Racial Injustice Gets More Attention Than Present Social Chaos
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