Mark Levin: "Menace" Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Thought Zimmerman Was Jewish


MARK LEVIN: Nothing that they've wanted has occurred, but they're not done. They're pushing and they're pressing and they want more and there's a Plan B. Al Sharpton, Meet the Depressed:

AL SHARPTON: It goes to the Justice Department. Clearly there are grounds for civil rights charges here. The mother and father of Trayvon Martin and I, with their lawyers, met with the U.S. attorney in Florida the day I went down there to organize the first national rally there. And we always said there would be a plan B.

LEVIN: Oh shut up, you jerk! You do not deserve a forum on Meet the Press. You do not deserve a program on MSNBC. You jerk! I know your background, I know what you did in New York. Walking around like you're some kind of leader. Hey, did you pay your taxes, pal? I'm just curious. You still under investigation for that?

No, I don't treat him with respect! Meet the Press, The Today Show, MSNBC. Wow, it's Al Sharpton, let's all genuflect. Where is he? What's he have to say? Screw him! That's what I say! What do you think of that? Mark, how could you? How could I what?

I remember the Tawana Brawley case. I remember what happened to that Jewish kid. I remember what happened to that store that burned down. I remember what he pulled with the Duke Lacrosse team. Quite the record this guy has, don't you think? There he is, all over the place. The man shouldn't be telling the Attorney General what to do; the Attorney General should be chasing him! I've got more audio of him and I'm not playing it, what do you think of that? Just unbelievable.

Of course he says 'clearly there are some grounds for civil rights charges here.' Clearly there are not. Clearly there are not. This man is a malcontent. This man is a menace. That's what he is. And he's running the damn Justice Department and pushing this administration. Al Sharpton, believe it or not, there he is.

And of course we have Jesse Jackson. Has his son gone to prison yet or not, Mr. Producer? I'm trying to remember, but my memory fails…

MSNBC: Reverend, I want to ask you about the make-up of the jury. You tweeted this after the verdict was handed down, you tweeted: "The jury, no black and no men, was always suspect." Do you feel this affected the outcome: the make-up of the jury?

JESSE JACKSON: Well, it was a stretch, trying to avoid the obvious. There was no--you speak of jury of your peers: there was no man on the jury—Trayvon was a black boy—there was no man, no black on the jury. So at least the idea of jury of your peers was a stretch all the while.

LEVIN: It was a stretch all the while. Now you had a prosecution there, right, that wanted to get Zimmerman in the worst way. Remember our friend, Cory -- or I call her Broomhilda, remember her? Oh yes, the toughest in the state, just so tough. Why didn't they object to that? Want to know why? Because they were stereotyping women, the state was. That's why the closing argument by the prosecution was all about pulling heartstrings.

They thought they could find a jury of all women, that they would vote emotionally. You know, this Jesse, that's why they did it. And now, it's not a jury of your peers now, you see. See, there's no winning, you can never win! Unless the man was found guilty of something, then justice is done, ladies and gentlemen. And only then, justice is done.


LEVIN: Now, let me tell you what I think, for a second, on this Zimmerman guy. I think Sharpton and Jackson -- you ready for this Mr. Producer? And I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I think they thought he was a Jewish guy. Because he looks white or olive-skinned and his name is Zimmerman. And there’s a lot of people who make the mistake that that name is ipso facto Jewish. I think they thought he was a white Jewish guy. I think that’s why they went down to Florida. I've got a lot of reason to believe this, given their background, their conduct and their statements. As all New Yorkers know full well. (Mark Levin Show, June 15, 2013)

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