Mark O'Mara: "If Zimmerman Was Black, He Never Would Have Been Charged"


QUESTION: Do you think it would have been different if George Zimmerman was black? And the other part of my question is, does he fear for his safety? Have precautions been made surrounding his security?

MARK O'MARA, ZIMMERMAN ATTORNEY: I think that things would have been different if George Zimmerman was black for this reason -- he never would have been charged with a crime...

What happened was, this became a focus for a civil rights event, which again is a wonderful event to have, but they decide that George Zimmerman would be the person who they were to blame and sort of use as the creation of a civil rights violation, none of which was borne out by the facts. The facts that night was not borne out that he acted in a racial way.

His history is a non-racist and you know all the anecdotes about the mentees and the children living in his home when he was young…

So the if only those who decide condemn Mr. Zimmerman as quickly and as viciously as they did would have taken just a little bit of time to find out who it was that they were condemning, it would never have happened. And it certainly wouldn't have happened if he was black because those people he decided that they were going to make him the scapegoat would not have.

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