July 12, 2013 Archives

July 12, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer vs. Juan On Napolitano: "Her Record Was The Underwear Didn't Explode"

JUAN WILLIAMS: Can I just offer one contrary note, which is you know, under her tenure, we've had no attacks. We've been safe as Americans. BRET BAIER: Fort Hood. WILLIAMS: We've had no attacks -- I mean, she has managed this, to me, very well. They're now looking at people like Bill Bratton, you know, the former police chief in New York, R

Geraldo Blames Zimmerman Trial On "Political Pressure, Race Politics" From Sharpton

BRIAN KILMEADE: Are you surprised the judge decided to open it up beyond murder 2 to manslaughter? GERALDO RIVERA: No, not really. I predicted the judge would do that. I thought that manslaughter was the only possible ramp they could have brought from the get-go because it requires no more than culpable or criminal negligence, unlike murder in

O'Reilly: Hillary Will Be President If Republicans "Sabotage" Immigration Reform

BILL O’REILLY: [Carl] Cameron doesn’t think it’s going to get done, and if it doesn’t get done, you come back to the Republican Party harming itself. Now we know there are certain Republicans who are never going to vote for any sort of immigration reform. They’re just not gonna do it. And basically they say, we don’t trust the governmen

Carney On Obama's 2005 Opposition To Filibuster Reform: "Different Than It Was In 2005"

QUESTION: But shouldn't the President be urging Senator Reid to be cautious here? Because exercising that option would potentially fundamentally change the nature of the Senate. It would -- people say it would become essentially like the House. This is sort of playing with fire, is it not? JAY CARNEY: The President said in 2012, in the State

CNBC's Bartiromo: Economy "Probably A Lot Worse" Than 7.6% Unemployment

Thanks to statements by Fed chair Ben Bernanke revealing that stimulus policies will likely be active for some time, the Dow Jones and, S&P soared on Thursday. CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo discusses the jump, saying "the economy is still growing at an anemic pace." SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: The other thing that Bernanke said was that 7.6 [percent] unemploym

Rachel Maddow: The Arguments Against the Immigration Bill Are Racist

MADDOW: The conservative talking class, the pundits in the conservative media, and on the conservative side were onboard with the idea of comprehensive immigration reform, even if not to solve the problem. WALLACE: Which is miraculous. MADDOW: They were for a second, but it`s over now. They`ve all flipped back. They really have, like FOX i

Zimmerman Attorney Mark O'Mara: Case Is Not About Civil Rights

George Zimmerman's defense attorney insists the trial is not about race or civil rights. 

Howard Dean: Hillary Clinton Is "Going To Have A Rough Ride In The Media"

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The media savaged Hillary Clinton. I always said the media was biased against Republicans, and they have been biased against Republicans. I've never seen the media more biased against any single candidate than they were Hillary Clinton in 2007 and 2008. The question is: Does the media give Hillary a fair shot next time? Is the medi

Zimmerman Prosecutor Points Out Trayvon Bought Skittles, "Didn't Even Steal Them"

In his closing remarks on Thursday, Bernie de la Rionda, the chief prosecutor in the George Zimmerman murder trial, felt it necessary to point out that the Skittles Trayvon Martin had were "legitimately" bought and paid for and not stolen.

MSNBC Guest: "Stand Your Ground" Laws Are "Humiliating" To Blacks, Latinos

MAYA WILEY, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: I think what we -- Toure, what we first do, when we are able to organize around the issues that are important to communities, and that's when we can get to and use the democratic process, that's what we've done here. I think that one of the things people are looking for in this case is as a nation, are we going

Harry Reid Refers To The "Washington Mets" While Making Baseball Analogy

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) referred to the "Washington Mets" while making a baseball reference in a speech on reforming the filibuster. "Davey Johnson is the manager of the National Mets, this team that we’re so happy to have here in Washington. He’s here as manager of that team, to field a winning team," Reid said in a Senate floor speech o

Eric Bolling To Marion Barry: You Should Be "Thrown Off The City Council"

FOX News' Eric Bolling and former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry face off over the city council's battle with Wal-Mart.

Chris Hayes: Rise Of The Warrior Cop

Chris Hayes talks to Radley Balko about his next book that documents the militarization of police forces across the country.

Maddow: Congress Panicking About A Budget Deficit That We Do Not Have

Rachel Maddow discusses the realities of Republican gridlock on immigration reform and why a rare "discharge petition" is not likely to get Speaking John Boehner out of the corner he's painted into.

"Special Report" Panel: Harry Reid And The Senate's "Nuclear Option"

The Special Report panel (Charles Krauthammer, Mara Liasson, and Andrew Napolitano) discusses the Senate Democrats' "nuclear option" for stopping Republican abstruction: changing filibuster rules. 

O'Reilly: "Sympathy For The Devil" In Boston: Tsarnaev's "Supporters"

Bill O'Reilly speaks with victims of the Boston Marathon bombing about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's arraignment hearing. 

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