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Actor Jeff Daniels To Piers Morgan: Second Amendment Was From "A Different Time"

PIERS MORGAN: What about self-defense, guns, the right of an American to carry one in the first place in that situation and to use it, and potentially he may well walk away a freeman?

JEFF DANIELS: Yes, well, I'm one of the guys that goes back to the Second Amendment and just goes, you know what, it was a different time and now we're into the Sandy Hooks and the -- you know, all of that and whatever happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin that night, only they know.

One of them had a gun, and they're real easy to get and I'm one of the guys that would go, let's 90 percent of America said background checks, let's do a better job of policing it, and I know the gun -- the gun enthusiasts get bent out of shape about that, but it's a different world now.

MORGAN: You see it's interesting to me because I thought what would it take for something to change in America, and I was absolutely convinced it was going to be Sandy Hook. When I saw that happen, I thought this will be the tipping point and then within six months, it turned out it wasn't at all. Nothing changed.

DANIELS: But it goes back to we're so divided, we're so divided as a country. And it goes back to what Aaron Sorkin wrote in the first episode of the first season when Will McAvoy goes on this rant about we're not the greatest country in the world. And oh, man, I mean, you'd think we, you know, declared communist or something.

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