Oil and Gas Industry Lighting Our Democracy on Fire


JOSH FOX: The energy companies have been attacking me, my film, the families in the film, I guess for 3 1/2 years now since it's been out. The continuing investigation shows that gas drilling contaminates water supplies, it pollutes the air, it's bad for climate change. And what this film is about, the first key scene is people lighting their water on fire. This film is about the oil and gas industry lighting our democracy on fire. How the oil and gas industry goes in and influences our elected officials at every level. And finally at the federal level. And deprives people from justice.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Tell us what we're looking at here, just for those who don't know.

FOX: That's a water well that's exploding with 15 feet of flames--after nearby drilling took place. What we know from the science of the gas industry, that they've been investigating this problem for many years because they're losing their product, they're losing it into the atmosphere. The cement casings is breaking down at alarming rates. 5% of the cement barriers fail immediately upon drilling. 50% to 60% of them fail in a 30-year period. This is the gas industry's own science.

When they go out and deny and attack the film and talk about this, what they're doing is they're following the tobacco industry's playbook. For decades sponsored bogus science, they went out into the media to try to create a false debate about whether or not smoking is harmful for you. They've hired the same PR firm, Hill and Knowlton, which invented the strategy of creating doubt in the media to stave off regulation and action.

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