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Karl Rove: GOP Rep. Justin Amash "Far More Liberal Than Any Republican"

KARL ROVE: There’s this tension between the kind of libertarianism we’re seeing here today, and the last 6-8, 9 months, and a healthy future for the party. I welcome the libertarian influence in the party, I grew up in the west, you see my mentor over here, Tom Korologos. We grew up in the west. Every western Republican has a healthy dose of libertarianism in him. But the question is whether it is going to be prudential, to use one of Mike [Gerson, Washington Post]’s favorite terms, a prudent leadership of the libertarian movement.

School choice: something that Mike would acknowledge is a libertarian invention, if you will. Milton Friedman. It’s a good thing. A good part of the Republican message.
You know, what they tended to do on issues in which there is this, what Grover Norquist called the “Leave It Alone Coalition,” there are some elements where the people just want the government out of their lives. But when it comes to health care, are we going to simply say no, we want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or do we want to say we want to replace it?

We want libertarian ideas. People ought to be able to choose. Health savings accounts. Allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. Let small business people come together and pool risk so they can get the same benefits as the big guys. These are sorts of things that have a libertarian flavor to them, but it’s going to require a prudent leadership among libertarian Republicans that says: we want to find answers. But what we’ve got now is most libertarians who say if we don’t have a 100% perfect answer, we say no.

National Journal put out it ratings of the most liberal to conservative Republicans. The most liberal Republican is Justin Amash of Michigan. Far more liberal than any other Republican. And why? Because he is 100% purist libertarian. And if it’s not entirely perfect, I’m voting with Nancy Pelosi. Which is how he gets up with these liberal ratings. I’ll vote no, because unless my side has something that’s completely 100% perfect, I’m voting with the bad guys. (via MFPolitics)

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