Juan Williams On Coverage Of Zimmerman: Media Has Damaged Fabric Of Country


JUAN WILLIAMS: Let me just say there is damage done to the fabric of the country by the way I think the media has portrayed it and the way it's been handled. Look, you know, if my kid walks up to your house, Bill O'Reilly, and some guy says, 'Oh, I saw a black kid walking up to Bill O'Reilly's house so I shot him,' you would be like what is going on here?

So, if a black guy shot a white kid, and they said, 'Oh, the kid was carrying Skittles and iced tea, but you know what these punks get away with it all the time.' People would say forget who was on top of who and who was punching who. Why was a guy with a gun deciding that he had to it act violently with a teen with an iced tea?

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