Juan Williams: "The Media Initially Libeled" George Zimmerman


JUAN WILLIAMS: I think it is race. I ink that it is -- actually not in the trial but it is in us as the American people because remember, the media initially libeled Mr. Zimmerman by making it out to be this was some white guy who attacked this black teenager with a hoodie and all of that. And then it turns out he might have been in fact, a neighborhood watch guy, who was very concerned and profiling. That's possible.

It is not necessarily racial because, in fact, he has some hispanic background and the like. What concerns me in this is I think the fascination with the American mind has forced it so that now conservatives say they are pro-Zimmerman, liberals say they are pro-Martin. And I'm thinking, wait a second, so it's black and white and I just think it is -- sort of the most primitive, low-level, level of racial division that's being played on by media.

ERIC SHAWN, HOST: Are you disturbed by that?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think it fuels that kind of racial anger and misunderstanding and misrepresentation. (FOX News Watch, July 6, 2013)

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