Krauthammer: Obamacare "A Massive Transfer Of Wealth From The Young To The Old"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Cynicism is always the right assumption when dealing with this administration. I think Senator Barrasso is exactly right. The dates aren't accidental. And I would say, Juan, that the one person who called it that train wreck, Obamacare, was not a Republican. He was the Democratic Senator head of the Budget Committee, Max Baucus, who knows of which he speaks. Look, in the end the bill is a massive transfer of wealth from the young to the old.

Young people are going to be paying double and triple what [they] would ordinarily be paying in health insurance if the premium were linked to the risk, which is the way that would be for the last 600 years in insurance. But it's not; it's linked to what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid agreed upon as the risk ratio. So they are going to be doubling and tripling, and the free lunch part of this affair is now over. (Special Report, July 2, 2013)

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