Chris Matthews: "Republicans Don't Like Illegal Immigration" And Democrats "Believe In Illegal Immigration"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: The big question Republican voters want to know, 'Mr., Mrs. Smith or whatever your name is, or Miss Smith, will this stop illegal immigration, yes or no?' What will your answer be?

JONATHAN ALTER: They can say yes.

MICHAEL STEELE: They can say yes.


MATTHEWS: You think it will stop illegal immigration?

ALTER: There is already very little of it right now, if you look at statistics.

MATTHEWS: Well, that's the economy. I think Republicans don't like illegal immigration. They don’t like it and they want to hear a bill that’s going to work.

MICHAEL STEELE: They don’t like it and what they remember is what was promised in 1986 that didn't happen under Reagan.

MATTHEWS: Of course it didn’t work. They were promised before.

STEELE: They were promised before --

MATTHEWS: It’s like Peanuts.

STEELE: -- and they don't want to go down that road again.

MATTHEWS: They are Charlie Brown on this.

STEELE: Which is why they’re saying we want the lock on the fence to be secured before we give you anything else.

MATTHEWS: How long are they going to keep 30,000 guys on the border down there? How many years are we going to do it?


MATTHEWS: See, Democrats don't really believe in border enforcement, do they?

ALTER: Look.

MATHEWS: Do they?

ALTER: I don't know about other Democrats.

MATTHEWS: Do Democrats care about border enforcement?

ALTER: I think the leadership understands --

MATTHEWS: Do they believe in border enforcement?

STEELE: A lot less than Republicans.

ALTER: Less than Republicans, but enough that they're willing to put up --

MATTHEWS: Why don’t they believe in it? Why do they believe in illegal immigration, Democrats?

ALTER: Because right now it’s not even that big of a problem.

MATTHEWS: Why do they believe in it?

ALTER: I'm not defending, I’m not going to defend their --

MATTHEWS: Yes you are.

ALTER: No I'm not!

MATTHEWS: You’re basically admitting it. Do you think Republicans -- do you think Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party is concerned about illegal immigration?

ALTER: Mildly.

MATTHEWS: You are covering for them!

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