Brit Hume: Immigration Bill Makes Legalization Available Almost Immediately


BRET BAIER: Brit, you touched on it there, the conventional wisdom about the political fallout of all of this. It seems super charged towards the Democrats way if you listen to anybody talking about immigration reform.

BRIT HUME: It does. There's no doubt long term the growth of the Hispanic vote, which continues to grow, will make a big difference in national elections, but it remains about 10% of the vote now. The white vote is something around the order of 70%. It won't be that much different in two years or four, and the white vote actually declined from its expectations, despite the fact in 2012 that the white population had grown.

So, if you're Republicans looking at how do you best get more votes, a bigger piece of the vote, you got to look to a larger proportion of 70% rather than larger proportion of 10%, it just makes sense mathematically for the time being. And of course the chances are Republicans have a better shot at winning the white vote than they do the Hispanic or other ethnic votes because that's just how the votes break. So, I think the conventional wisdom they have to have the Hispanic vote long term is reasonable, but in the near term, I don't think it makes a lot of sense. (Special Report, July 1, 2013)

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