Bush: Snowden "Damaged The Country And The Obama Administration Will Deal With It"


ROBYN CURNOW, CNN: Do you think he's a traitor?

GEORGE W. BUSH: I know he damaged the country. The Obama administration will deal with it.

CURNOW: Do you think it's possible for one man to damage the security of the nation?

GEORGE W. BUSH: I think he damaged the security of the country.

CURNOW: And when it comes to surveillance, there can be real time understanding of what you're Googling --

GEORGE W. BUSH: I put the program in place to protect the country and one of the certainties is civil liberties were guaranteed.

CURNOW: So you don't think there is a compromise between security and privacy?

GEORGE W. BUSH: I think there needs to be a balance and as the president described, there is a proper balance.

CURNOW: You don't want to criticize the Obama administration?

GEORGE W. BUSH: It doesn't do any good. It's a hard job. He has plenty on his agenda and it's difficult. Former president doesn't need to make it harder.

CURNOW: Because in the polls you're --

GEORGE W. BUSH: Could care less.

CURNOW: Whether people think you're favorable or unfavorable?

GEORGE W. BUSH: Only time I really cared was on Election Day. You know, I guess it's nice. Let me rephrase that. Thank you for bringing it up.

CURNOW: You like the idea that people perhaps are looking at you differently?

GEORGE W. BUSH: You know, ultimately history will judge the decisions that I made. And I won't be around because it's going to take a while for the objective historians to show up. So I'm pretty comfortable with it. I did what I did. I know the spirit this much I did it.

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