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Limbaugh: Supreme Court Used "Character Assassination" In DOMA Decision

RUSH: What the Supreme Court majority said today essentially was, “We’re gonna find that DOMA was bad because we don’t like the people who are for it. We don’t care about the law. We don’t care what happened legislatively. We just don’t like the people because we think the people who support DOMA hate gays and they don’t like gay marriage and they make fun of gay people and they stigmatize gay people and we want to stick it to ‘em. So here’s your DOMA, and put it where the sun don’t shine.”

That’s the essence of the Supreme Court’s decision today. It had nothing to do with whether or not it’s constitutional, nothing to do with whether it was anything legislatively correct, whether or not the people’s elected representatives have the right to make and enforce law in this country. We had the majority, five justices, who basically said, “We know you people hate gays and so we’re gonna just ram this right back down your throat. Here, how does it taste?”

They, the majority in this decision, used character assassination as a means of deciding this case, not the law. That’s what Scott means here. He’s a lawyer. He read the decision. He’s now been stigmatized. Conservatives and people of faith, traditionalists and constitutionalists have been stigmatized as bigots and haters and elitists. They’re people who want to exclude people from the good times or from happiness or what have you. (via Daily Rushbo)

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