Maher: Americans "Hate Socialism" But "Do Nothing But Take Money From The Government"


BILL MAHER: Well, not a quick fix. I mean I think we'd start with education but we don't really concentrate on that in this country. We don't have a sense in this country that it's every, it's -- we're all in it together. It's an every man for himself philosophy that governs this country much more than most other western democracies.

And that's not a good thing for a country because every country asked -- every modern country is now a quasi-socialist country. That's not a dirty word but in America when you say socialist, you know, most people, I don't know what it means. I just know it's something super bad like kind of feel you're atheist or something like that. Just something we can't -- meanwhile, they do nothing but take money from the government.

They're such hypocrites. They hate socialism but they live on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, unemployment benefits. All this money but they hate socialism.


MAHER: That certainly is part of it. I mean civilizations literally do grow up. I mean, Europe is the old civilization and then in some ways they're jaded and that's not great, and they're worn out in some ways in their feet and there is energy here that maybe you don't have in the old world, but they also do have that sort of wisdom in that savvy and they understand that. They don't get excited about, "Oh, my God, we're becoming a socialist. Have you?" So, what? If it works, that's all that matters, let's just do what works. (Stroumboulopoulos, aired June 21, 2013)

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