Chris Matthews: IRS Scandal Nothing More Than People Trying To Do Their Jobs And Screwing Up


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I don't know why they screwed up. They could be stupid, could be trying to do something that is very hard to do: delineate when does political activity end in one of these organizations and when does propagandizing stop?

I do think it's a hard job. I've been thinking about it today, I've been reading about this in the Politico today. It's hard. Your job, you're paid GS-12, whatever. You're a smart person. You are trying to figure out whether a group that clearly has a political intention has crossed the line in what is illegal behavior in a tax-exempt group.

You have to figure out a lot of things, maybe who gives them money. I don't know what you figure out because you can't run out and do an investigation out in the street chasing after them. You have to go with the paperwork in hand. (Hardball, June 21, 2013)

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