Kirsten Powers: "I Don't Want To Live In A Country That Has A Fence Around It"


KIRSTEN POWERS: I don't support even the concept of a trigger. We're so apart on that. The trigger is set up to keep people from coming into this country essentially because there will never be a point where the border will be certified as being safe as Republicans want to be because there are so many Republicans who don't want these people coming into the country. So, I just think it sets up an impossible barrier to entry for immigrants.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Why would it be impossible? You appoint an objective commission of people who aren't in politics, who are experts on this and say, you tell us if we have 90% interdiction or not.

POWERS: Are there going to be people on that board who have the same views as Senator Jeff Sessions?

KRAUTHAMMER: It won't matter.

POWERS: Who there is nothing you can do to get him to agree these people should ever come into the country.

KRAUTHAMMER: Sessions is not the one who will decide on whether the trigger has been met. You appoint outside people as you do. You know the guys who count the votes at the Academy Award will do it, people who aren't in politics.

POWERS: I also don't really want to live in a country that has a fence around it, personally. I don't -- so, I mean I'm serious. I don't support the fence. I have serious problems with this. (Special Report, June 20, 2013)

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