Dem Sen. Landrieu Rips Senate For Ignoring Her Immigration Amendments: "Only Way You Get Something Is To Become Obnoxious"


SEN. MARY LANDRIEU (D-LOUISIANA): So I have 15 amendments that are noncontroversial, maybe. I'm making that up. Maybe there is an opponent. I can't get discussed. But only people that have controversial amendments, only people that have no chance of passing their amendments, only people who want headlines in newspapers, only people that have amendments that nobody over here's going to vote for, get to talk about their amendments, and the rest of us that work hard to get bipartisanship and bring amendments that could actually help the bill, make the country stronger, we never get to talk. So I'm going to stay on the floor and object until I get an answer for that question.

Why it that people that play by the rules, Senators, that work across the aisle, that work hard to build bipartisan support, that work hard to get amendments that don't cost any money, that won't really cause too much trouble, why do our amendments get the last consideration? Because I think it has ramifications for how the Senate operates because then it's like behavior.

The better behaved you are, the quieter you are, the more team player you are, you don't get anything. The only way you get something is to become obnoxious and to be, you know, get your amendments that have no bipartisan support, that have amendments that cost a gazillion dollars or take away a gazillion dollars. That is not encouraging good behavior on the Senate floor. (June 19, 2013)

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