Mark Levin: Why American People Don't Trust Washington On Immigration


MARK LEVIN: Let me read you about this 1986 law because people seem to think--. It criminalized the act of knowingly hiring an illegal alien. It established financial and other penalties for employing illegal aliens. It created the I-9 form to ensure that all employees presented documentary proof of their legal eligibility. Illegal aliens were required to pay $185 -- a filing fee, I think it's 500 bucks under the Senate bill, whatever it is -- demonstrate "good moral character and no criminal record," that they would not become public charges, proof of English competency and knowledge of American history. That was the law. That's the law today that you guys -- you plural -- you guys and this president won't enforce...Boehner's been around awhile, Reid's been around awhile, a lot of them have been around awhile. This is the law that will not be enforced. Then on the other side, the fence, which frustrated Reagan to no end. We were supposed to have the security part. This is why I think, congressman, the American people are saying, this metrics thing sounds great, now put it in place, let's see how it works, then we'll do all the rest.

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