Krauthammer vs. Juan Williams: Obama's Berlin Speech Addressed "Least Important Issue On The Planet"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The president is continually amazing. Of all the issues on earth, you've got Syria ablaze, Jordan is reeling, Iran is going nuclear, Egypt is under the sway of the Brotherhood, you've got, you know, all of these crises in the world, and what is the least important issue on the planet? Nuclear arms reduction. There is zero chance nuclear war between the United States and Russia, it is not even an issue. We already are in a nuclear balance.

The idea that we could be any safer if we have a thousand rather than 1,500 warheads is absurd. So why is he doing this? Number one, he has been obsessed with nuclear weapons and reducing them ever since he was student at Columbia and thought that the freeze, which was the stupidest strategic idea of the '80s wasn't enough of a reduction.

And second, because I think that's all he's got. He has the famous reset with Russia, which has been a disaster. Russia is helping Iran, it is helping Assad, it's working against us on all of the fronts. And so he thinks he can actually distract the world, perhaps produce a treaty, which will mean nothing as a way to say I did something. I find it rather amazing that he would even try it because it is not going to work. (Special Report, June 19, 2013)

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