Eugene Robinson: Obama A "Disappointment" To The World For Not Ending Bush-Era Policies


CHRIS MATTHEWS: So here we have a president who is really talking back to the United States by talking to the kids of Europe -- the youth, well educated kids of Humboldt University, down the street there about Gitmo. Why do they care about Gitmore? Well, they do.

EUGENE ROBINSON: They care a lot about Gitmo. They care about that as a symbol of --

MATTHEWS: Why is he talking to them to get to our students, our kids, our young people?

ROBINSON: Well, there is an echo here. remember the speech before the election when he spoke to 250,000 people, in Berlin. And one of the things, one of the hopes that they and a lot of people around the world invested in President Obama was he would end a lot of the Bush-era policies that were condemned around the world, literally. It's very important stuff to people to end the torture and Guantanamo.

MATTHEWS: Even the wars.

ROBINSON: That was a huge symbol of all of that. And there is disappointment that he hasn't, that he hasn't done it.

MATTHEWS: Is that because, Howard, they sort of in a cartoon way thought African-American Democrat, he's a man of the simple left like a lot of those students are?

HOWARD FINEMAN: That's right.

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