Buchanan: Snowden Should Be Prosecuted; No Proof That NSA Program Has Been Abused


PAT BUCHANAN: [Edward] Snowden broke his contract, he violated his oath, he betrayed American secrets and I think he damaged the security of the United States. I think he ought to be prosecuted.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has spent decades and it's leaders have spent decades defending this country. Now, what did we learn? We learned that they have access to AOL's records, Verizon's records and Yahoo's records and all the rest. But they can only access these records if they have found some connection to a terrorist and if they go to a FISA court and say we need to access those records.

By in large, the guys working at the NSA are American patriots, who have put in decades in the silent service and I think there's a wholesale exaggeration -- a potential for evil-doing is huge as it is in the IRS, but there is no single example yet that this has been abused. (McLaughlin Group, June 14, 2013)

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