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Rand Paul: Edward Snowden Committed An Act Of "Civil Disobedience"

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): I do know that committing civil disobedience is a -- is a big step forward and history has treated people in various fashions. Some people who commit civil disobedience have been treated heroes, some have not.

I think it's an interesting parallel to see, will we treat the head of intelligence who lied in open committee?

How will history treat him and how will history treat the person who was trying to defend the Fourth Amendment?

I think that's still open to be said. I think there do need to be rules, that being said, about people not revealing secrets. And I think the divulging of all kinds of secrets that endanger lives is wrong. But in this case, I think he was divulging a program that I think clearly, there are constitutional questions about and for which the director of Intelligence frankly lied to the U.S. Senate and said, we're not collecting any data on any Americans, when, in fact, they're doing a billion pieces of data every day.

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