Axelrod On Snowden: "He's A Whistleblower Who Then Blew The Country"


DAVID AXELROD: The difference between now and 2005 and 2006 is that there are additional safeguards built in. There is additional legislative review. There is a requirement that if any action is taken on the basis of these records -- and remember, they're not listening to calls. They have no idea what the content of these calls is, they're just -- computers are amassing all these numbers to try and put puzzles together as to who overseas might be in touch with someone in the U.S. who might be plotting against us. None of that implies that people are listening to your calls. But if the government has a lead, then they have to go get a warrant from the FISA court to pursue that. There are a lot of safeguards here. My question is of Mr. Snowden is he could have gone to the Congress. He could have gone to the Inspector General. This is a peculiar route he took. I mean, he's a whistleblower who then blew the country.

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