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GOP Congressman: "Can You Trust This Administration With Your Phone Records?"

REP. MIKE MCCAUL (R-TX): Well, I think that is the issue that Congress will be looking at, providing our oversight responsibilities. Let me say first, though, that this is a -- was a lawful program. It was approved and reviewed by the FISA court. So you had that approval. It has -- the program itself has stopped terrorist attacks in the past, including the 2009 New York subway bombing plot by Mr. Zazi. But, on the other hand, it does raise concerns, I think, on several levels. One was, when I was a counterterrorism federal prosecutor, we could take the number and run them through the phone companies, through a national security letter or subpoena. Now what has happened is they have literally taken all these phone records and maintained them, taken them out of the private sector and maintained them in the public sector within the NSA. And I think that gives a lot of Americans great pause and great concern. And lastly, if I could just say, the optics are terrible in this case when you consider the latest scandals, whether it be the IRS targeting conservatives, whether it be the AP being targeted by the Justice Department, and the Fox News reporters. It really makes you wonder -- you have to ask yourself this question, is can you trust this administration with your phone records?

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