Maher Defends NSA Spying Program: "There Is No Doubt That We Have Probably Stopped Terrorist Plots By Doing This"


BILL MAHER, "REAL TIME" HOST: Let me just say this: to me, this issue is not a no-brainer; it's a brainer. You have to really think about it. It's kind of a 50-50 thing. There is no doubt that we have probably stopped terrorist plots by doing this. But it is a slippery slope and I say this as a person who usually thinks a 'slippery slope' argument is bullshit. This really is a slippery slope. You know, I'm okay with it now that Obama's in office, I'm kind of trusting of him, but with President Ted Cruz, where this is going, would bother me.

ANA NAVARRO, GOP STRATEGIST: Vice President Dick Cheney would have had your hair on fire.

MAHER: But on the other side, here's the one word that tips the scales for me: nukes. Nukes. We live in a world of nuclear weapons and there are religious fanatics who would love to get one and set it off here.

People who say, you know, in the Second Amendment today, they say, 'you know the Founding Fathers never could have foreseen assault weapons. True. They also could not have seen nukes. And I don’t know that they would have been as absolutist about their love of privacy if there were nukes in the world.

You know, the fact that a city can be just demolished in one second kind of tips the scale for me. So, I'm not saying to look into your emails is the right thing, I’m just saying, I’m not going to pretend it’s because I’m brave; it's because I'm scared.

NAVARRO: So you are with the NSA policy, you are a supporter of the NSA policy?

MAHER: I don't know, I'm waiting for the debate to play out on this show.

NAVARRO: If you're going to agree with Karl Rove and Antonin Scalia on the same show, I might just step out. (HBO's Real Time, June 7, 2013)

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